Looking through the Eyes of the Volunteers…


What’s a 62 year old lady doing writing a blog? Aren’t blogs something that teens and 20-somethings use like a public diary or a personal news outlet? How about if I tell you this why blog entry is showing up on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog?


Those of us who volunteer at Mayo Clinic have been asked to help write for this blog. How cool is that? The idea is to give the world an opportunity to see the Mayo Clinic through our eyes — almost like being a fly on the wall for those people who stumble in to read the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.


Crawl inside my head and peer out at the world I see.


It’s 6:30 a.m. and the first volunteer comes into the office. He signs in, grabs a few stuffed animals to give to the children who come past his information desk, and heads out. Before he is five feet from the door I hear him asking:  “May I help you?” A patient coming in for surgery is directed to the admissions desk. At that moment he was not sitting behind the desk with the information sign, but he saw a patient in need, and he met that need first! He was walking the walk and talking the talk of Mayo Clinic’s primary value!


I invite you to come along on my blog adventure.  We, Mayo’s volunteers, will share our stories and experiences that make a difference in the lives of patients, visitors and staff at the Mayo Clinic!


One Response to “Looking through the Eyes of the Volunteers…”

  1. HEATHER Says:

    I just want to say that the volunteers are so helpful. My mother has been in St. Mary’s many times for years so much that most people who work there recoginize the minute we come in but she was there for 8 months in 2007 and I was with her every day I had a hotel room across the street but I was with her more than I was in my room. The volunteers are so helpful and it becomes infectious because I started helping too, I would be walking to my mom’s room or the cafeteria or just stretiching my legs and I would see someone who looked lost or we’d be in the elevatro and two people would be talking to each other about where this was or how you got to that place and I would turn around and I would help them I even would walk them to it. So the volunteers are very much needed and apreciated as are the escorts too I know they are paid to be helpful but most of them go beyond their job description to help. The ones at the front door know us so well that they see the car coming I get out and they’re there with 2 wheel chairs because they know we need 2, it’s very helpful so Thank You.

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