Featured Comment: Week of Feb. 15, 2009


In the February 2009 Share Your Mayo Clinic Story open comment thread, Julie Beck tells how she came to Mayo Clinic for diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer:

My Mayo story started at my 35th birthday physical. I went to my local physician and found that I had “lumps on my thyroid”. My family Dr knew that my deceased mother had had thryoid cancer and he immediately asked if I intended to go to Mayo’s like my mother. Knowing the excellent care she received I said yes and an appt. was set up with Dr Hossein Gharib. I went with my sister and we both were impressed to say the least.

With a negative biopsy I followed the recommendations to visit again in 6 months and then another year later. At the third visit Dr Gharib did a biopsy and this time found “suspicious” cells. The next day I was scheduled for surgery with no time to worry. Radioiodine ablation therapy followed several months later and now 10 years later I am cancer free. 

Read the rest of Julie’s account and share your own story here.

One Response to “Featured Comment: Week of Feb. 15, 2009”

  1. Theresa Says:

    I also was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer at ISJ Hospital a Mayo Health System Hospital in Mankato MN. Very pleased with the treatment there. That was May 19th of 2009 that my entire Thyroid was removed. Now almost one year later they are still trying to regulate the drug that they put me on which is Levothyroxine. They keep changing the dosage and then have me come in every 6 weeks to test my blood levels and switch me up again. I went in again last week and they called to tell me that now they just want me to take the same dosage that I am on (0.150mg) but only take it 6 days a week instead of 7. Has anyone else out there had issues with this?? I am not very pleased with this on going treatment not to mention that it costs me 120.00 out of pocket each time I go in. Now want to question if they know what they are doing? I did not want to go there, but it has been a year now. Any insight would be appreciated.

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