“We’re calling it ‘Planet Mayo,’ it’s so unlike any other medical institution”


Albert and Mary Errato came to Mayo Clinic in February 2009 when Mary was facing another major operation. After a series of infections and complications, Mary’s foot had been amputated in 2007 at an orthopedic hospital in New York City. She was scheduled for another operation, this time to possibly extend the amputation from mid-calf, below the knee to above the knee, when they decided to come to Mayo Clinic.


According to Al, from the day they arrived, they knew things were different here. “All the doctors talked to each other, and more importantly to the patient!  They worked together to come up with a treatment plan for Mary. We started calling this Planet Mayo, because it feels like we’re on a different planet here.”


In the video below Mary talks about her treatment at Mayo Clinic. For the first time in six years she is off antibiotics, her wound has closed, she is ready to be fitted for a prosthesis – and she was able to keep her knee and lower leg.

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4 Responses to ““We’re calling it ‘Planet Mayo,’ it’s so unlike any other medical institution””

  1. The Importance of Being Nimble (Part 2) « Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Says:

    […] Al Errato and his wife Mary are from Connecticut, and while we technically could have gotten a video crew to capture their story, we were able to act much more quickly by using a pocket camera on a tripod. […]

  2. Linda Harris Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments shared in this video! I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm 6 years ago in LaCrosse, Wi. Both of my parents died from brain aneurysms, so I was very lucky that it was detected. The LaCrosee hospital had scheduled me to make the trip to Mankato, Mn. for surgery, which would consist of shaving the head and an approximate 12 week rfecovery time. I was uncomfortable with that because I had just started a new job. As I was telling my sister-in-law who works at Mayo) about it, she had suggested that I wait until she can make some inquiries at Mayo about the procedure and what elae could be done before I go to Mankato. Just a day or later, I recieved a personal letter from the head of Neurolgy at Mayo. He stated in his letter that they were doing a study on the correlation of aneurysms between siblings at Mayo and that he would love to take my case! Within 1 week, I had visited with him and Mayo had given me an itinerary of all of the necessary pre-op appointments to be taken care of in 1 single day. The surgery was 6 hours, and involved going up to the brain via my blood vessels in the groin and placing coils into the aneurysm. No shaving of the head, I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day, and missed 1 day of work!!! I couldn’t belive it!! I cannot praise them enough for the entire experience that I went through. I have NEVER seen such friendly, warm, understanding, excellent care givers, ever!!!

  3. Mayo Clinic Marks Two Decades on “Best Hospitals” Honor Roll « Mayo Clinic News Says:

    […] this year, Al Errato shared his impressions of Mayo Clinic as experienced with his wife, Mary, through our patient blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic. He described the […]

  4. HEATHER Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. My mother had some medical problems too and were sent to Mayo one year too late and instead of living a healthy life she has spent the past 23 years trying to have Mayo fix what was done at a local hospital at home. Luckily for us that home is less than a 2 hour drive from Mayo in Rochester, MN. I know they’re not infallible but I firmly believe it hadn’t been for Mayo we wouldn’t have had my mother around for the past 20 years let alone whatever she’s with us in the future.

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