Of Feathers and “Angels”


nashwauk-to-rochesterHelen Buescher was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006. Since then, she has traveled several times from her home in northern Minnesota to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for tests, appointments and chemotherapy infusions. Between her Mayo Clinic appointments, Helen receives treatment closer to home, in Grand Rapids, Minn.


Last Friday, during one of those infusions, Helen shared memories of her meaningful relationships with the nursing staff on Gonda East 10 and with her hematologist, Ruben Mesa, M.D.

If you would like to share your story, you may do so by leaving a comment below or by writing on the wall of Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page. You also can tell it via video as Helen did, either by uploading your own video or with staff assistance when you’re visiting Mayo. Make arrangements in advance by email, or call from a Mayo campus phone. 

  • In Florida, call 3-2299;
  • In Rochester, call 4-5005;
  • In Arizona, call 1-4222.

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3 Responses to “Of Feathers and “Angels””

  1. Pastor Jean Megorden Says:

    Helen and I became fast friends when I accepted the call to Nashwauk Lutheran Church. Her support and nurturing of those around her, including myself, has not been detered by her illness. She is always concerned about those around her, reaching out with a kind word or a gentle hug. The great faith she has displayed during these difficult times has been an inspiration to everyone in our congregation, especially to me. Thank you all for taking such good care of my beloved friend.

  2. Patty Phillips Says:

    I always knew Aunty Helen had a huge, loving heart so I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that she made fast friends with the nurses and physicians treating her at Mayo. To know her is to love her. She’s very intelligent and a beautiful writer, so hearing her speak so eloquently for the Mayo cameras wasn’t surprising either. For me….the amazement has been watching the courage and resilience and “go get ’em” attitude she has displayed each and every day since her diagnosis. If we could bottle it and sell it, we could get her that Hallmark Card Shop my husband has promised to buy her when he wins the lottery. Love you lots, Aunty Helen.
    Love, Niece and Godchild Patty and Mark Phillips, and Jessica and Joe, too

  3. Connie Center Says:

    My aunt, Helen Buescher, was diagnosed with leukemia about 2 ½ years ago and has been coming to Mayo every 6-8 weeks since that time for treatment. During her many visits she has built strong relationships with her physicians, nurses, and others at Mayo. Any diagnosis that is life threatening is difficult to accept and deal with. Helen has never asked why me? She has determination and fight that astounds her family and friends. She continues to give love, kindness, and hope to others. At one of her most recent visits, she noticed a mother and her daughter and they were visibly upset; the young woman was crying. After some time had passed, my aunt could not bear to see them so distressed. In her sweet and quiet way she went over to them and offered comfort and most importantly gave them some hope. She left them with a hug too. I am blessed to have her in my life.

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