Share Your Mayo Clinic Story: April 2009


This post is an open forum for stories about Mayo Clinic.

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3 Responses to “Share Your Mayo Clinic Story: April 2009”

  1. Steve Says:

    Unfortunately, my family’s recent experience with Mayo Clinic has been one of frustration. My 49 year old wife had an abnormal result on a treadmill stress test. In trying to understand the test results, determine next steps and assess alternatives she has attempted to consult with more than one cardiologist. Unfortunately, the recommendations of the first two cardiologists differed somewhat. The differences in part appear to be due to the difference results reported in the literature between men and women when it comes to cardiac stress testing.

    My wife scheduled an appointment with the director of the Women’s Center thinking that this third cardiologist could shed light on the situation and add the expertise of a female cardiologist whose practice focuses on cardiac issues facing women. Sadly, this last cardiologist was very abrupt, unsympathetic and defensive of the previous cardiologists when what was being sought was help find a response to legitimate questions. Navigating through a complicated landscape with multiple testing alternatives isn’t easy, but it doesn’t help when highly trained physicians forget their bedside manners.

    We just want help finding the best treatment/testing pathway forward, and thus far that hasn’t been easy to obtain within the complicated practice model that resides in the cardiology department at Mayo Clinic.

    My wife is at the point where she is questioning whether she even wants to be a patient at Mayo Clinic. As an employee of Mayo Clinic I have always been impressed with the professionalism of my medical colleagues but I am now dealing with a situation which may result in our family seeking medical care elsewhere.

    • Julie Moenck Says:

      Dear Steve,

      I work in Public Affairs for Mayo Clinic, specifically supporting the heart practice. I will contact you via email to determine what we can learn from your experience and whether we can help resolve your concerns.

  2. HEATHER Says:

    Mayo Clinic has been a Godsend to our family. My mother has been doctoring there since 1985. Now to some of you that may seem a bad thing meaning they can’t fix her but what you have to understand is that they’ve had to spend the last 24 years trying to fix what our local docs did. She’s seen many specialists for many different things that we consider them our primary doctors. My mother has a very complicated GI system, her current surgeon says she’s unigue and that’s a very true statement. She has no stomach, no gallbladder, missing some of her large intestine, and she has two steel rods in her neck and spinal chord with dozens of screws holding them in plus a bone graft in the front of her neck. Her eyesight is failing her, her hearing is failing her. But a year ago February somehow she was able to eat for the first time in 20 years so we can’t applaud the Mayo Cllinic in Rochester and the St. Mary’s Hospital enough. I know that without them I wouldn’t have my mother these past 20+ years. I bring a homemade snackmix to the couple of floor units that know her the best on nearly every holiday because I have so much gratitude for them. No one will ever be able to say anything bad about the Mayo system in front of me. I know they aren’t infallible, mistakes do happen but I just appreciate them so much.

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