15-year-old Pianist Touches Hearts and Souls


Catherine Benson is a consultant in Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic.

Alex Walton-Creutz began drawing crowds by playing the piano at Mayo Clinic when he was just eight years old and started coming to the clinic with his mother, Lynnette. Lynnette is a patient at Mayo and comes for treatment at least once a year. When he was eight, Alex was playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and the Pathetique Sonata. At 15 he’s moved well beyond Beethoven, to playing his own compositions. Alex plays by ear and is always composing.

“Our prayer is that Alex’s music will touch someone’s heart and soul and make their day go a little bit better,” says Lynnette. Judging from the number of people listening to Alex’s music the afternoon when this was filmed, he has already touched many hearts.

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13 Responses to “15-year-old Pianist Touches Hearts and Souls”

  1. Alison Says:

    Is it possible Alex was visiting the Fairmont Hotel in Lake Louise in Canada in mid-September of 2009?

    We were walking through a remote area of the hotel and heard this lush, beautiful music coming from a young man playing a grand piano. Its beauty inspired me to get back to playing my little piano at home.

  2. Brooke Laidlaw Howard Says:

    I believe Alex was playing when I took my 12 year old daughter Kolbie Sutton in April of 2009. Kolbie was diagnosed with POTS Syndrome. She was not doing well when we got to the Mayo Clinic and was pretty sad. POTS is an everyday struggle but Alex’s music soothed her and she smiled when she heard him play and we stopped to listen. Thank you Alex for bring my beautiful little girls smile back! God Bless you.

    Brooke Laidlaw Howard

  3. Brenda Says:

    I learned of your talent through your Mom. I have never been so touched by the beautiful sound you make. What a gift from God! You have been given something special from God. People don’t understand, especially people your own age. Their first response is to single you out as “odd”. Don’t listen to them. You are special. God want’s you to share this gift with the world. I am going through the loss of my husband and some other situations in my life and when I heard your music I felt the peace of God just flow through my body. Please don’t hide this beautiful gift. I pray for you and your family daily. I look forward to hearing you all over the place!! God bless you my special friend. Gods peace be with you.

  4. Sue Segal Says:

    Hello! I would love to purchase a cd of ALex’s music. Has one been made? He plays beautifully & I would like to play his music during my classes – I teach Art at the elementary level in Naples, FL.

    Please contact me!!

    • Catherine Benson Says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your comment on our Sharing Mayo Clinic blog. I’ve forwarded your comment to Alex’s mother and asked her to get back to you regarding CDs.
      Catherine Benson, Mayo staff member, Public Affairs

      • John Gabris Says:

        I would also like to purchase this young man’s work.
        He is amazing in the way he pulls together all his musical influences and creates his own unique art. Please forward my request to his mother or direct me to a site where I can purchase his music. (I did already search the net and came up emptyhanded.)
        Thanks, JohnG

      • Brooke Howard Says:

        I too would love to find a cd of Alex’s music. My Daughter Kolbie Sutton (diagnosed last April with POTS is having a real hard time sleeping and relaxing at all. I believe Alex’s music may just be what she needs! Thank you for your help.

        God Bless,

        Brooke Laidlaw Howard

  5. maxie haddox Says:

    Alex, ur name interests me. my maiden name was Crites/Krites but my geneaology book lists Creutz/Creitz also.If u know ur grandparents and gr. grandparents I will be able to look it up. Its a huge book and in the Mormon library in Utah and it is always on my organ bench in Ohio.Your a delight and truly gifted. Thanks for sharing it with us. grams

    • Angela Walton Says:

      Creutz is my mothers maiden name, Alex Walton is my son and Lynette and Ronnie Creutz are my uncle and aunt who care for Alex, because I was having difficult time when I was young when I had Alex, they offered to care for him for a short time. Creutz is a German name and Alex has adopted that name for some reason which is my mothers maiden name Alex Walton originally born in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati area, Grandmother Ilene Creutz (my mother). Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area has a lot of German heritage and my family are the only known Creutz in Northern Kentucky area. Just thought that might help and make more sense.
      Thank you,
      Angela Walton

  6. Angela Walton Says:

    Alex you play very well, I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work you are a very talented pianist! I love you so much! I will tell Emily to check out your video as I know she will be happy for you also, We love you very much!!

    Love Mom

  7. Al Errato Says:

    I first heard Alex about two weeks before this video. I was on my way somewhere and heard this incredible music coming from one of the pianos off in a corner by the Visitor’s Cafe. I couldn’t believe that All That Music was coming from ONE piano being played by this ONE YOUNG BOY. I truly thought he had a pre-recorded tract that he was just embelishing with his playing. I was so impressed I mentioned it to my wife at my next visit later that day. A day or so before this video, my wife and I, were on our way back to the Charter House after her last appointment for the day when we heard his music in the beautiful, massive Gonda Atrium. I stopped and said to Mary, THIS IS THE KID I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT!!!! JUST LISTEN!! She couldn’t believe his music either and confessed that I hadn’t exaggerated how talented he is. We made it a point to findout if/when he would be playing again and attended each “concert” marveling at his God given Talent. We also anxiously await word on his CD or opportunity to hear him again and again and again!! His is a once in a lifetime talent that truly touches not only your heart but your soul! Thank You Alex for sharing your talent!

  8. Janet Yontz Says:

    Of course Alex’s music and all of the other pianists have touched those that have listened to the music in the Mayo Clinic Atrium which is the crossroads in that wonderful medical facility. All of us passing through there , deciding whether to go left or right, up and out , am I late, what will the tests tell us, seem to change our pace and we take a breath and look around and then again know that we are at the right place for our medical care. The music is magical! Thank you Alex!!! Hope I will hear your music next week.

  9. Gina Tansey Says:

    I would love to about his story. What kind of treatments is he getting? He is very talented, can’t wait until the cd comes out…

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