Featured Comment: Stephanie’s Story


On the Mayo Clinic Facebook page today, by a patient from Kansas City named Stephanie:

I am a cancer patient at the Mayo clinic in Rochester. I was 27 when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer, which was 2 weeks after my son was born three weeks premature. I have received the most amazing medical care there and would tell anyone to go there! Now I am almost three years cancer free and enjoying a wonderful life because of them! Everyone from the Doctors, to Nurses, to everyone at St. Mary’s hospital where I had surgery twice is wonderful! They really do care about you and your family!

You can share your Mayo Clinic story through the comments on any post here on Sharing Mayo Clinic, or on the Mayo Clinic Facebook page.

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5 Responses to “Featured Comment: Stephanie’s Story”

  1. Neil J OConne Says:

    a touching and moving story sadly I could not hear the music I am a 25 year stroke survivor in a wheelchair but blessed everyday to be alive I will keep you and yours in my prayers I wish you only the best

  2. norman Says:

    i cannot find the place to click on to hear the piano

    • Beverly Palmer Says:

      I found the music by following the link through the Des Moines Register (newspaper) (upper right corner of page). These folks are fantastic muscians who look and act much younger than their years. I hope you locate the article about them and the video of them playing another piano.

  3. mary gefroh Says:

    REC THIS MESSAGE FROM A FRIEND.. I was in rochester .. going to be 5 years cancer free.. had Dr Nagorney for a doctor.. I had a death sentence.. colon cancer mest.. to liver.. to large tumors one on each lobe of my liver.. give 4 mo to live.. go home and take chemo and hope it works.. chemo did shrink them l.. had my first surgery in Az to remove the large tumor in my colon and had 2nd surgery in Rochester with Dr Nagorney and he removed most of my liver and it has grown back and cancer free today.. I am 68 years old and having a wonderful life cancer free .. GOD BLESS….

  4. pat brown Says:

    My husband also works for Mayo. I cried when I read your letter and just felt that I had to send my condolences to you and your family.

    May God give you all the comfort you need from your loss.

    Sincerely Caring

    Pat Brown

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