Mayo Clinic “Octogenarian Idols” Appear on Good Morning America


Marlow and Frances Cowan, the Iowa couple whose piano duet in the atrium of Mayo Clinic’s Gonda building has been viewed more than 2 million times since April 7, were featured this morning, May 26, on Good Morning America, live from ABC’s Times Square studio in New York.

I had an opportunity to interview Mr. and Mrs. Cowan last week in their Ankeny, IA home. They shared the story of their trip to Mayo Clinic and how their impromptu concert made its way to worldwide fame, as well as the philosophy of life that shows in their YouTube performance:

Mr. Cowan was 89 last September when the original video was shot; he turned 90 in February, which officially makes him a “nonagenarian idol.”

See the original post that includes their piano duet here, and click here to see the story of Sharon Turner, the Mayo Clinic patient who shot that video, as told by her daughter Jodi Hume, who uploaded the video to YouTube.

See also Mayo Clinic’s YouTube channel, Facebook “fan” page and Twitter account.

Update: See the Cowans’ Good Morning America appearance on the ABC Web site.

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18 Responses to “Mayo Clinic “Octogenarian Idols” Appear on Good Morning America

  1. Lisa Hagelganz Says:

    I was wondering where I might find the duet version of the wonderful piece you guys played, “Put on your Old grey bonnet?” As a Christian piano teacher I am always looking for fun music for my students. is there any available?
    Blessings on you both!

  2. Mike Says:

    My heart has rejoiced to listen the music but also see you guys playing it and bringing happiness to so many.
    Glod Bless you


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  9. susan taylor Says:

    What a blessing to have received this “e” from a friend. What a bigger blessing to know there are people like you in our world. What joy you bring to others; what joy you bring to each other. I don’t know your ancestry; but I recognize good old midwestern roots; a great place to come from! Keep on doing what you do–praising the Lord and making that wonderful, joyful noise. God bless both of you!!!!

  10. MALEE ANGELL Says:


  11. Vivian Says:

    My kids and I enjoyed your wonderful music. I loved how you shared in your interview our purpose: to praise the Lord. That really blessed me.
    As a Christian musician and piano teacher, I especially appreciated your joyful playing. Thanks for sharing your gifts. May our Lord continue to bless you with good health!

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  17. Gloria Hunt Says:

    What a wonderful talent God has given you both. Wish you were there 59 years ago when I was a patient!!Carry on the good work.

  18. Cynthia Cluck Says:

    Bless you for using your God given talents. Keep on making that wonderful joyful noise.

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