Chloe’s Story: Brain Surgery for Movement Disorder


A couple of weeks ago, a friend at work sent me the video below, in which Chloe Williams shows and tells her story of having brain surgery for a movement disorder called myoclonus. It includes video of Chloe both before and after surgery.

I sent Chloe, who is now 19 and has completed her first year of college, a note through YouTube, and we talked on the phone last week. I asked if it would be OK to post her video on Sharing Mayo Clinic, and here was her email response:

I would certainly love to share my video so it can be shared on the Mayo Clinic blog.

The surgery my video talks about is the last of four surgeries. It took place just a few weeks after my high school graduation. My movement disorder began when I was 17 and a senior in high school. Thanks to my doctors at Mayo, I didn’t have to take on this sudden disability, and one year later I am a full time college student, looking forward to a future as an independent adult. I know it’s not over yet, though. I have had occasional recurrences, and I could again in the future, but I know as long as I’m willing to keep fighting, my doctors at Mayo are too.

Chloe Williams

Here is Chloe’s video:

Among those Mayo Clinic physicians listed in the credits are surgeon Fredric Meyer, M.D. and Matt Stead, M.D., Chloe’s pediatric neurologist.

If you would like to share your Mayo Clinic story, go here to learn how.

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7 Responses to “Chloe’s Story: Brain Surgery for Movement Disorder”

  1. hallie Says:

    Chloe Im so Happy to see You’re all better….I dont know what it feels like to be like that….Even though you were you’re still a normal person:)
    With Lotss Of Love -*Halliebrooke.<3

  2. my name is carolyn watson Says:

    I have a daugther with down syndrome a she has mayo mayo brain disorder smart child she is 16 and last year we few down to huston texas for surgery to be perform, but Dr durser said that he didn’t have a good feeling about doing the surgery . he told me after they did all the test on my dauther, they seen that she had block alteries on both side of her brain. and that it was permanet. I get on my knee’s every Day and night and pray to my Lord something happen for my dauther were she dont have to sulfer and fall out and have this headaches, freakly and can live and normal live.Iam aperson with alot of health problem’s al so.

  3. Natalie M Says:

    Chloe, did your body jerk even when you were sleeping? My son has similar symptoms but they come and go. We are desperately trying to figure out what the problem is.

  4. Rey Mark Says:

    I’m a nursing student, I was actually looking an article about surgery when I accidentally browse this video, I thought it just a commercial or whatever after a minute of watching I never thought that It was a really great story. I am so touched with the story(especially while the music is playing).I never realized that she will come with that point. It really gives me more strength to pursue the dreams I really wanted to be (to become a surgeon) Nice video. thanks

  5. Bambi Says:

    What an amazing blessing!
    I am so happy for Chloe and her family!
    Hugs to all!

  6. Mayo Clinic Recognized for Pediatric Care « Mayo Clinic News Says:

    […] Chloe’s story (and before/after video) of brain surgery for a movement disorder. […]

  7. Jacob Wolf Says:

    That is amazing Chloe! I\’m soo incredibly happy to see God bless you in such a way!

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