Mayo Hosting Running Clinic at Mall of America


Start your running season off on the right foot!

Mayo Clinic is hosting a free running clinic on Saturday, April 10th at Sears Court in Mall of America. The event will feature Mayo experts from the Sports Medicine Center and Jeff Galloway, Olympic runner and author.

Edward Laskowski, M.D., co-director of Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, describes the events of the day:

The event is free to the public and attendees are encouraged to wear their running shoes! Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to “Mayo Hosting Running Clinic at Mall of America”

  1. Bobby Says:

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to finally, after years of guesswork and knee/hip pain, having my stride evaluated. Hoping I can finally correct any bad techinques.

  2. Free Running Clinic on April 10 | Team Cross Runs Says:

    […] From the Mayo Clinic Blog: […]

  3. Anthony Says:

    I need a running coach – I am a military member with chronic shin splints, I have custom orthotics but I think its something Im doing. ANy help is great

  4. T. Chacon Says:

    I’m a man, 56 years old, I’ve been running for 29 years and for the last 1yr. & half I’ve been experiencing terrible pain in my lower left side of my back. This comes when my speed & distance come together!
    The pain starts in my back through my front of my hip down into my groin. All left side! After research I believe it’s my SI joint.
    I’ve recieved (2) Injections,Lumbar / sacral, epidur / subarchn and (2) Injection of Paravent facet Jnt/ Nrv, Lumb/ Sac-First and Secound.
    Then 1 injection into the SI joint And NO RESULTS!
    I’ve in construction work and run marathons. I believe I have many more years of good running
    what can you tell me!

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