Living with Sclerosing Mesenteritis


Living with Sclerosing Mesenteritis presents a multitude of symptoms that can be very troubling. But as we learn about the disease, we also learn that we have choices that we can make that will help us tremendously as we continue to live life, and live it abundantly.

I hope that in my presentation you will learn – as I have – that even though we face challenges from day to day, there is a great deal of “Life to be Lived” and enjoyed!

Currently my life is very full and complete living with Sclerosing Mesenteritis, and I want yours to be too!

I am very grateful to the Mayo Clinic for their part in my wonderful success story.

It is my sincerest hope, that this too, will be your gift!


2 Responses to “Living with Sclerosing Mesenteritis”

  1. Dave Pflughaupt Says:

    I have just been diagnoised with Sclerosing Mesenteritis, still not sure exactly what this is but am learning. My doctor was not familiar with this and this is his first case. I have been started on steroid treatment and if there is no results in 2 weeks, I have decided to contact the Mayo clinic for a second opinion. This is scary since I have 4 children and a very active life with them.

  2. Geraldine Collishaw Says:

    Hi I have just found this article about Sclerosing Mesenteritis.
    My Sister who is 72yrs old suffers from this dreadful disease she lives in southern Ireland and has got very little information about this condition it is believed she is the only person in Ireland with this she is very frightened.Would you please be able to put her in touch with someone else who has this dreadful diaease
    many thanks

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