The observations of a potential kidney donor


Pamela S. has come to Mayo Clinic as a potential kidney donor. While going through many tests to verify her eligibility to proceed with this admirable endeavor, she has quickly become amazed with Mayo Clinic. Watch this video to hear her observations.

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3 Responses to “The observations of a potential kidney donor”

  1. Patty Says:

    I am so happy for all of you. The Gift of Life is such a blessing and be one of the best moments of your life.

    Unfortunately, I chose the wrong hospital ( Shands Jacksonville)! I was Hep C neg pre transplant and Hep C post transplant. My surgeon ignored me for 1 yr and 9 months. I called the clinic monthly to remind him that he told my local Nephrologist he would call…. When I finally got the call because of my persistence he denied a Hep C being done and never reported the mandatory Acute Hepatitis C post transplant. I got more than I expected. Unfortunately, I cannot treat the Hep C because it boosts the immune system and will destroy the kidney.
    Mayo Jax is handling a situation right now with a few post transplant pt’s developing and they have done the right thing and used due diligence to find the cause and they did. It was an employee injecting narcotics, refilling syringe with saline and injecting pt’s. Real sicko but, Mayo addressed it, found the cause and are taking very good care ot the 3000 pt’s possibly effected and the one still alive that was diagnosed. One died from the Hep C, one from a cancer the pt. had and one is still alive.

    Great job Mayo. I wish I had been a patient at your transplant center.
    At least my gift is doing well and I’ll always be thankful to the young man that died and his mom giving me a chance to live but, I will never be thankful to Dr. Peter’s for avoiding me, betraying and lying to me.
    Stick with Mayo for your best team in Jax., FL

    Best wishes to all you kidney recipients and Mayo’s issue at the moment.


  2. Anita W. Says:

    Pamela has it right… Mayo is AMAZING! We live in Ohio, but trek to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota every year for my husband’s annual post-transplant check ups. Five years ago, my husband received the gift of life with a liver transplant. We were soooo impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and most importantly feeling of being CARED for by the staff… we know we’re getting the best care in the world. I share our experience and recommend Mayo to anyone who asks. Thank you dear donor! Thank you dear Mayo! Thank you dear Rochester (love the folks in Rochester too)! Also best wishes to Pam and the kidney recipient!

  3. Vickie D Says:

    I agree 100%! My husband had a kidney transplant at Mayo, Jacksonville – we too were amazed! I went along for the testing with 3 potential donors – we all were treated like royalty and had a pleasant experience. Thankfully one of them qualified to be my husbands donor and we all are living happily ever after. We cannot say enough good about the employees of Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville, from the custodians to the surgeons – they all are truly angels! We made a wise decision by choosing Mayo Clinic. Best wishes Pam to you and the recipient!!

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