MaryEllen’s Journey: Chemotherapy Begins (Episode 2)


Like many women facing breast cancer, MaryEllen Sheppard had concerns over how she would feel after her chemotherapy treatments. 

Would she be able to go to work?

Would the chemotherapy leave her feeling ill and exhausted?

How long would it be until she inevitably lost her hair?

When you last saw MaryEllen in Episode 1,  she began her treatment for her triple negative breast cancer diagnosis at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

In this latest installment of Mayo’s multi-part  video series, MaryEllen will fill you in on how she felt after two rounds of chemotherapy and if the experience was what she expected.

You will also meet key members of  MaryEllen’s treatment team. Oncologist Donald Northfelt, M.D., associate medical director of the Breast Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, will share what triple negative breast cancer is and what MaryEllen is facing.  And you also will meet Nancy Ledoyen, RN, operations manager of hematology/oncology, who will explain what chemotherapy is and how it has advanced over the years.

Below is the bonus footage of Dr. Northfelt discussing what makes treatment at Mayo Clinic unique.

As always, please feel free to post a comment about the series or a message to MaryEllen after each episode.

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10 Responses to “MaryEllen’s Journey: Chemotherapy Begins (Episode 2)”

  1. MaryEllen’s Journey: Searching For Genetic Clues (Episode 4) « Sharing Mayo Clinic Says:

    […] Episode 2 […]

  2. Pat Nedved Says:

    Maryellen…I saw your story in the Republic last week and have been thinking about you every day since. Although you lost your hair please don’t ever lose that great personality and sense of humor. After a thirty year career with Maricopa County you remain my favorite boss. Stay strong. PC

  3. Pat & Colette Ford Says:

    MaryEllen, you and your family will be in our thoughts and included in our prayers. There will be angels along your journey that will give you comfort, you will see love and care in the eyes of those you meet today, and tomorrow. Be strong!

  4. Mark Marini Says:

    Well young lady my prayers are with you in your journey. You look wonderful and I would Love to see you and hold your hand and pray with you. You have been in my thoughts,remember you are so Loved.

  5. Joe Koestner Says:

    Thank you so much for your courage. The joy, the confidence, and the love you exude show the greatest type of courage there is…the kind that inspires others to believe in themselves, as well. Praying for you, MaryEllen!


  6. Lynn Plesha Says:

    Maryellen, I too was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I too had no family history of breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter. Fortunately for me it was very early stage and I did not need Chemo, but did have radiation therapy. I completely agree with you on the expierence of going to Mayo Clinic. Dr. Wasif was my surgeon and Dr. Northfelt was my oncologist. Dr. Halyard is my radiation doctor. While I was terrified, and struggled with the concept that I had breast cancer, I knew I was in good hands with them. If I am ever in need of expert medical care in the future, Mayo Clinic is where I want to go.

  7. Brian Says:

    Maryellen your eyes and your smiles are inspiring. My thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey.

  8. Chrissie Schwan Says:

    Where ever Maryellen goes, she brings joy, peace, truth, smiles, love and, most importantly…GRACE!! Thank you for sharing with the world Maryellen! I am keeping positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Know in your soul how much you are loved and remembered with such fondness!
    Love & light,

  9. Lindi Says:

    Aunt Mel, You are an inspiration to all people. How you manage to show such strength and dignity thru all this, is amazing. But, I’ve never known you to be anything other than amazing! You’re in my prayers. Love and hugs to you.

  10. marge sheppard Says:

    Maryellen Im sitting here watching, with tears running down my cheeks. Not tears of fear, but of pride in you, and love .. I know too that your hair will grow back! Marge

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