MaryEllen’s Journey: Hope Returns (Final Episode)


The moment finally came. 

But it was an uneasy one at first.

MaryEllen Sheppard was about to receive her last round of chemotherapy at Mayo Clinic, with friends and family by her side. But as her loved ones and her nurses cheered her on, a wave of emotion hit this mom with nerves of steel.

What will life be like after these medical appointments end?, was one of the questions MaryEllen wondered about as tears streamed down her cheeks. 

In this final installment of MaryEllen’s Journey, MaryEllen shares how she was feeling during those last chemotherapy and radiation appointments and visits with Mayo again post-treatment to share what she did to get her life back on track.

We truly thank MaryEllen for giving Mayo Clinic’s video crew open access to her  life to share her story and experiences with others going through a breast cancer diagnosis. It was a privilege getting to know her and help her share her story with you all.

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Dr Northfelt on Mayo Clinic’s Cancer Center team

MaryEllen on why she enrolled in a clinical trial

MaryEllen reacts to genetic counseling session

Bonus: Dr Northfelt on the importance of nutrition and fitness

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3 Responses to “MaryEllen’s Journey: Hope Returns (Final Episode)”

  1. Brian Says:

    Best wishes and continued good health to you and your family.

  2. Chrissie Schwan Says:

    Dearest MaryEllen,
    Your words are full of wisdom, truth, joy and Love! You are correct, that to be present in every moment is what is the MOST important gift we are given! I see you in perfect health, vitality and full of unbounding energy!!!!
    All my love,

  3. Dyan DeYoung Says:


    What a blessing you are to others who will be faced with a similar journey. I went through this myself over 5 years ago with the same wonderful Mayo staff / Dr. Northfelt. I know your story would have made the journey even that much easier. I wish you continued health and my sincere thanks for allowing yourself to be so vunerable in showing others what the experience is really like.

    A breast cancer survivor sister

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