Robotic Head and Neck Surgery


Surgeons at Mayo Clinic have developed a new robotic procedure performed through the mouth (transorally) to treat cancers of the tongue base and tonsils. Mayo Clinic is one of the few medical centers in the United States offering this surgery, and Mayo physicians have extensive experience in the procedure.

In this video, Doctors Kerry Olsen, M.D. and Steven Olsen, M.D. discuss the use of robotics for head and neck surgery. A patient also shares her experience.

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One Response to “Robotic Head and Neck Surgery”

  1. Wm Carter Elliott Says:

    When I first wrote the whitepaper on “An Application of Laser PhotoChemistry to Chemotherapy” back in 1978, I’d intended it as a way to kill brain tumors via minimally-invasive means. The idea was to inject the photo-sensitizing agent into the carotid artery feeding the brain hemisphere with the brain tumor, and at a later time (once the agent had been taken-up by the tumor), a hair-thin fiber-optic inside a thin needle would be precisely positioned inside the tumor and the tumor “lit-up” from the inside by the laser, making the photo-sensitizing agent toxic, killing the tumor from the inside.
    So far, “Photo-Dynamic Therapy” has demonstrated itself effective against every type of cancerous lesion it’s ever been tried on.
    I’d recommend you visit “@Aprayerforasher”s profile page and consider applying the concept I originated for the purpose I wrote about in ’78 – making inoperable brain tumors operable.

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