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Guided Video Tours of Mayo Clinic

January 28, 2011

Mayo Clinic’s new Center for Social Media has produced a Patient Video Guide series to help new patients and their families better know what to expect when they arrive and to make the most of their visit.

Each year more than 500,000 patients travel to Mayo Clinic for care from every U.S. state and about 150 countries. The new tour series provides these patients with orientation videos from all three sites: Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.

Vivien Williams, producer of our Mayo Clinic Medical Edge television series, hosts the guided tours. Here’s her introduction to the Minnesota tour:

These videos are being offered on our Mayo Clinic YouTube Channel, here on Sharing Mayo Clinic (see the right column) and on the new mobile-friendly blog entitled: Mayo Clinic Patient Video Guides.

If you have suggestions for elements you would like to see included in future segments, please add them in the comments below.

A Patient’s “PAL”

August 6, 2010

Mayo Clinic patient Sharon Klemm enjoys some cuddle time with Murphy

Let’s face it, it’s never fun going to the doctor.

But for some patients coming in to receive radiation at Mayo Clinic’s Phoenix campus, sitting in the waiting room just got a little more relaxing, thanks to a furry, four-legged Mayo Clinic ambassador named Murphy.

“I think Murphy helps people forget they have cancer.  He is such a sweet, loving and gentle dog and people feel that immediately from him,” says Phil Whitton, manager of Radiation Oncology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Murphy is part of a pilot program called Pets are Loving Support (PALS) that’s being tested at Mayo’s Phoenix campus.  Since February, this white Bichon-Poodle and his handler, Mayo employee Kellye Wagner, have been delighting patients as they make their rounds in the waiting area of the Mayo Clinic Specialty Building (MCSB).

“I will let him take the lead and he will make his rounds and greet,” said Wagner, of Murphy who appears to enjoy snuggling up to patients and entertaining them with an array of tricks including hi-fives.

Wagner, a quality improvement specialist, said she always knew there was something special about her loveable, mellow dog. “He has been calm in all environments since he was a pup. I knew I wanted to do something with him,” said Wagner, who took the advice of Murphy’s obedience trainer that he’d be a great therapy dog.

After the cute canine completed a year of obedience training, Wagner, along with Murphy’s trainer, began six months of animal assisted activities and therapy training with two-year-old Murphy.  Murphy and Kellye became certified last fall for animal assisted activities and therapy through the Delta Society, a non-profit organization that trains, screens and certifies volunteers and their pets so they can visit patients in a number of facilities including hospitals, hospice, therapy centers and nursing homes.

“I think pet therapy is so important for our patients.  Murphy seems to take away some of their stress by giving patients a nice distraction while they wait for their appointment. He really brings a smile to people’s faces,” said Whitton, who helped Wagner get the PALs program started at Mayo earlier this year. Wagner said her managers were also receptive to the idea of her volunteering some time (on her lunch hour) taking Murphy to see patients a few times a week.

Murphy seems to have an innate sense of which patients seem to need his attention most, said Wagner, recalling a time when a patient got teary-eyed when Murphy laid beside him on the loveseat he was sitting on and nudged his head under the patient’s hand.

“The patient said he was having such a hard day and was so touched by Murphy that it made his day,” said Wagner. 

She also remembers another patient encounter where a man, who suffered a stroke and was now battling cancer, broke into a smile when he saw Murphy. The patient pet Murphy and spent some time with him before his appointment.  “It really touched his (the patient’s) wife that he was so happy,” said Wagner.

Wagner said she’s seen patients and their family members react to Murphy in different ways. “Some want to play with him, pet him, snuggle or hold him. Some even want to take their picture with him,” said Wagner, adding her dog often evokes positive memories for patients who like to talk about their own pets or pets they had growing up.

And it’s not  just patients who enjoy seeing Murphy.

 “In radiation oncology, Murphy is known as their mascot,” said Wagner.  “They will ask when he is coming in next so they can have some ‘Murphy time’ as well.”

 “It’s as if he knows he has a job to do today,” said Whitton, “And that job is to brighten someone’s day.”

This story was written by Julie Janovsky-Mason, a communications consultant at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

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Mayo Clinic Erickson Hair and Skin Care Center

July 21, 2010

Bonnie Lenz, a patient at Mayo Clinic shares her story of the cosmetic side effects chemotherapy and radiation had on her personal appearance and the positive impact the Mayo Clinic Erickson Hair and Skin Care Center and the Look Good…Feel Better program made during her treatment.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

March 23, 2010

While you are at Mayo Clinic, whether you are accompanying a family member or friend, consider updating important preventive care services that can help preserve your health.

The Preventive Services Clinic is a care option available at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Patients who do not have a primary care provider at Mayo Clinic, and guests accompanying patients to their appointments and who may have time between appointments, can usually arrange a Preventive Services visit within 24 hours.

Services provided through this clinic are focused on disease prevention. Patients who need evaluation of ongoing symptoms, existing conditions, or other general medical concerns should seek appointments in other areas.

Paul Limburg, M.D., medical director for the Preventive Services Clinic, describes the rationale for the clinic and the services available:

Once you call, the service care provider will ask you questions pertaining to age, gender, past screenings, family history and behaviors. Screenings or consultations will be scheduled that are recommended specifically for you, based on guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement and the American Canceer Society.

The Preventive Services Clinic provides specific preventive services only, including comprehensive prevention evaluation; coordination of screening tests appropriate for age and gender (e.g., mammography, colonoscopy, etc.); optional consultations for diet, exercise, stress, tobacco and family history risk analysis. It is not a substitute for a general medical examination and does not evaluate new medical problems or symptoms. Patients who are being seen in subspecialty areas can also access the Preventive Services Clinic.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 507-284-5332.

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Cowan Concert: A Special Event

February 25, 2010

Reporter Jeff Hansel interviews Marlow and Fran Cowan after their performance

Marlow and Fran Cowan returned to Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester this week. You likely remember them as the couple whose piano duet became a YouTube sensation last year, and led to their appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America. As part of their visit, they offered to provide a short concert during the noon hour yesterday in the Landow Atrium of the Gonda building.

He just turned 91 last week, and she’ll be 85 in July. Below is a reprise of the number that led to world-wide attention for this couple. To see the entire performance, go to this playlist on our Mayo Clinic YouTube channel.

You can share the fun with your friends on Facebook or other networks using the toolbar below.

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Destination: Rochester, Minnesota

September 1, 2009

As a patient, visitor or student at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., I invite you to experience and explore our city. It’s a great place. And, yes, I have to admit I am a little biased since I live and work here.


Let me tell you about the Rochester I know and enjoy. With a population of just over 100,000, it is considered a large city; however, despite the population and physical size of the city, I find it has a friendly, smaller town feel. Mayo Clinic is located in the heart of downtown with easy access from all the major highways. It takes less than 15 minutes to get from our airport to the downtown area.


Mayo fellow Zofia Nowicki, M.D., shares love of art with patients with exhibit at Mayo Clinic hospital

June 17, 2009


Dr. Zofia Nowicki has had a passion for art for as long as she can remember.

Growing up in an artistic and medical family in Florida (her mother is a professional artist and her father and brother are physicians), Dr. Nowicki, a fellow within Mayo Clinic’s radiology department completing a fellowship in Body MRI, has found many opportunities  to combine her love of art and science. (more…)