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Patients Inspired New Integrated Space for ENT Practice in Minnesota

February 22, 2010

The Mayo Clinic Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT, or ear, nose and throat) in Rochester, Minn. recently moved from their locations in three different buildings to one new, integrated space on the 12th floor of the Gonda Building. The new floor better serves patients by bringing ENT, audiology, cochlear implantation services, balance and vestibular testing and hearing aid services together in one location.

In the video below, Charles Beatty, M.D., chair of otorhinolaryngology, describes features of the new space.

The 12th floor of the Gonda Building was designed with the help of some ENT patients and families. Holly Bowe and her 8 year-old son, Porter, have spent a lot of time in ENT appointments, as Porter received cochlear implants as an infant. Holly was one of the individuals who provided input in the design and planning. In the video below, she describes Porter’s story and why they love the new space.

Mayo Clinic “Octogenarian Idols” Appear on Good Morning America

May 25, 2009

Marlow and Frances Cowan, the Iowa couple whose piano duet in the atrium of Mayo Clinic’s Gonda building has been viewed more than 2 million times since April 7, were featured this morning, May 26, on Good Morning America, live from ABC’s Times Square studio in New York.

I had an opportunity to interview Mr. and Mrs. Cowan last week in their Ankeny, IA home. They shared the story of their trip to Mayo Clinic and how their impromptu concert made its way to worldwide fame, as well as the philosophy of life that shows in their YouTube performance:

Mr. Cowan was 89 last September when the original video was shot; he turned 90 in February, which officially makes him a “nonagenarian idol.”

See the original post that includes their piano duet here, and click here to see the story of Sharon Turner, the Mayo Clinic patient who shot that video, as told by her daughter Jodi Hume, who uploaded the video to YouTube.

See also Mayo Clinic’s YouTube channel, Facebook “fan” page and Twitter account.

Update: See the Cowans’ Good Morning America appearance on the ABC Web site.

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A Bite of Life…

April 23, 2009


When I think about my family’s history with the Mayo Clinic, I immediately think of the kitchen ceiling in my childhood home, where a pale orange circle about the size of a basketball is forever stained into the plaster. Most people probably wouldn’t even notice it’s there, but we do. It has a story, of course. Not an entirely cheery one, but we have a family philosophy that if it makes for a good story… you really can’t complain.

My mother, Sharon, had her first tumor in her jaw just after my birth in 1973, and it cost her four teeth and a large chunk of jawbone. 1977 brought the birth of my younger sister, Britney, and another tumor. This one took a deeper, “U” shaped piece of the bone. A year later, a third tumor took the entire lower left quadrant of her jawbone, which was replaced with a metal rod. Winter always meant thick scarves wrapped around her head because the rod would get cold and radiate a monster ice-cream headache.