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Mayo Clinic’s Health-Care Career Festival a Success with Students

October 27, 2009

The Mayo Clinic Healthcare Career Festival was held October 6 in Rochester, Minn., and was a huge success with nearly 800 high school students from 45 different schools visiting the festival.

The festival, in it’s fifth year, is designed to educate area students about career awareness education and information about careers in healthcare. It also provides opportunities for students to use patient care equipment — all within a festive, engaging atmosphere.

Click here to view local news coverage of the event.

This post was submitted by Randy Schwarz, Recruitment Strategies, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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Mayo Clinic Twitter

March 28, 2009

Lee Aase (@LeeAase) is Mayo Clinic’s manager for syndication and social media.


In previous “Social Media Saturday” posts I’ve introduced Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Those are Mayo Clinic’s longer-established social networking platforms, and like the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog they have significant potential for sharing information, enabling patients and staff to make connections and bringing the worldwide Mayo Clinic community together.

Twitter is another popular and rapidly growing social site for making connections and spreading information rapidly. You’ve probably seen a lot about it in the news recently. YouTube now features Twitter among its ways to share videos with friends. Yesterday’s New York Times had an article about celebrities “tweeting” (the verb for Twitter activity), and ABC News has a similar story.

Mayo Clinic’s Twitter account has been active for about a year, established well before all the recent hype. Until now it has mainly provided a way for Twitter users to get updates on the latest Mayo Clinic news. But the rapid growth of Twitter’s user base now makes it potentially much more useful for connecting the Mayo Clinic community.


Share Your Mayo Clinic Story: February ’09

February 1, 2009

This post is an open forum where you can tell your Mayo Clinic story.

Click here to share your story or see this month’s comments, or here to read January’s stories.

See the Participation Guidelines for tips on joining the conversation.

A Union of Forces: Convening Diverse Viewpoints to Meet Health Care’s Challenges

January 30, 2009

I work in Mayo Clinic’s Health Policy Center, planning and coordinating the center’s events.


Participants at the 2008 National Symposium on Health Care Reform in Leesburg, VA discuss reform priorities.

Participants at the 2008 National Symposium on Health Care Reform in Leesburg, VA discuss reform priorities.

While the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center is relatively new — our first event was held in May of 2006 — I think our work really reflects the essence of the Mayo brothers’ intention when they were actively guiding the work of Mayo Clinic. William J. Mayo said, “The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.” He went on to say that in order to meet those needs, “a union of forces” is required, and that concept of joined forces working for the patient good truly guides our policy activities today.


The challenges facing patients and the health care industry today are multi-faceted and complex. We believe that solving one aspect of the problem in isolation cannot have sufficient impact to “fix” health care. For that reason we work hard to serve as a convener; bringing many diverse voices and viewpoints together to learn from each other, discuss options, and reach consensus around solutions. As we reach out through our activities, it is tremendously gratifying to see growing agreement about the principles and recommendations that have emerged from our events.

The principles, or cornerstones as we refer to them, include Creating Value, Coordinated Care, Payment Reform and Health Insurance for All. Each cornerstone includes action steps and strategies as well as Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center plans for moving patient-centered health care reform closer to reality.

Visit the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center Web site for more information about the Center’s activities and recommendations, or e-mail me.

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