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Abby’s Heart Surgery Story

June 9, 2009


Abby before surgery Friday, May 29

Abby before surgery Friday, May 29


Here’s a note we received this week from Kathryn Kuhlmann, the mother of a Mayo Clinic pediatric patient:

My daughter, Abby, who is 11, had heart surgery at Mayo on May 29, and she recorded a short video tour of her hospital room to share with some family and friends. I’m contacting you at the suggestion of my sister Kelly Morse Nowicki in Continuing Medical Education who thought this might be the sort of clip Mayo would be interested in posting on its YouTube channel.

As is probably typical of most experiences at Mayo, all the staff were very caring and informative. And for her to be up and about just two days after open heart surgery is a testament to the skill of all involved.

We are very appreciative of everyone we came in contact with, and Abby would be willing to let her video be viewed by a wider audience as a way of showing another positive patient experience. 

Abby’s video, which was recorded on a Sunday afternoon after her Friday morning heart surgery, is embedded below.

Here’s a follow-up note with further details we received from Abby’s dad: