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Robotic Head and Neck Surgery

February 4, 2011

Surgeons at Mayo Clinic have developed a new robotic procedure performed through the mouth (transorally) to treat cancers of the tongue base and tonsils. Mayo Clinic is one of the few medical centers in the United States offering this surgery, and Mayo physicians have extensive experience in the procedure.

In this video, Doctors Kerry Olsen, M.D. and Steven Olsen, M.D. discuss the use of robotics for head and neck surgery. A patient also shares her experience.

Jillayn Hey’s “Remarkable” Mayo Clinic Story

October 4, 2009

Editor’s Note: Jillayn Hey, a Mayo Clinic patient from LaCrosse, WI, sent this story via email.


I recently read an article titled; “Want to Heal? Tell Your Story. Narrative medicine boosts our bodies and souls“, Utne Reader (Sept.-Oct. 2009). The basis of the article is that through telling our personal stories of illness and disease, we assist in creating a new story of wellness that facilitates healing and in turn directs a person towards recovery. This is just one aspect that “Sharing Mayo Clinic” provides. It is not only an opportunity for many patients and perhaps future patients to tell their unique stories to work their way towards health but it also provides a voice for its employees to share parts of their daily work which I know must include joy and sorrow as some of us become well and some of us unfortunately do not. In my opinion, this is just another area that Mayo is ahead of the curve in caring for its patients and obviously their employees as well. That said, here is my story:


Snowboarding Great Grandma Cancer Survivor on YouTube

February 21, 2009

In last week’s Social Media Saturday post we introduced Mayo Clinic’s YouTube channel and how you can view videos and pass them along to your family or friends who might find them interesting.

But what if you want to share your story through video?

One option is to contact our Mayo Clinic social media team when you are on one of the Mayo Clinic campuses, and we may be able to arrange a time when we can record your story on video. Then we can take care of the video uploading, if you’re unfamiliar with using video cameras and YouTube. Click here for more information on that option.

But if you’re already a YouTube user, you can upload your own video as Ken Hensler did (with some help from his grandson), and then send us a message so we can add it to Mayo’s “Favorites” on YouTube and possibly post here on the blog as well.

Here is a portion of Mr. Hensler’s email message about the video he uploaded to YouTube:

We would love to share the Youtube video of Catherine in any way that would support the Clinic. The Youtube video was filmed by me, her husband of 57 years. Our Mayo experience was as follows.

Mayo was able to diagnose and cure by robotic surgery, the removal of a cancerous bladder. Chemo therapy for 6 months followed. Then, two more major surgeries and a final check up by Dr. Paul Andrews and staff.

She received, at a very difficult time, the most excellent care from the staff at Mayo.

Today she wears an urostomy bag. She calls it her new purse. Catherine puts on her bathing suit and swims, straps on her snowboard and snowboards, and has just taken up ice skating with one of her great grandkids.

Thank you Dr. Andrews, and the wonderful caring folks at Mayo.

And here’s his video:

How many snowboarding (or ice skating) great grandmas do you know? And how about great grandpas who follow them down the slopes while shooting video? And who know how to upload videos to YouTube?

The fact that it all came after a cancer diagnosis and treatment makes it even more remarkable.


Catherine and Ken Hensler on Mammoth Mountain, Cal.

Catherine and Ken Hensler on Mammoth Mountain, Cal.


Thanks to the Henslers for sharing their story!

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